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Listing optimization, Steps you can take in order to adhere to best practices for an optimal Amazon product detail page

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Listing optimization, Steps you can take in order to adhere to best practices for an optimal Amazon product detail page

Listing optimization is the most important part for selling on Amazon. In this article you will learn how to enhance your store listings detail page and optimize for retail readiness.

The main image and requirements

  1. At least one main image is required for your product detail page.
  2. Main image requirements:
  3. Pure white background (RGB = 255, 255, 255)
  4. Show product outside of the packaging
  5. Show only one view of the product
  6. Show the entire product
  7. The product should fill 80-100% of the image frame. For media products, the front cover should fill 100% of the image frame.
  8. Show only the product being sold
  9. Do not add text and graphics that are not part of the product
amazon listing detail page

Additional images

Consider the top 6 additional images that should be included on the product detail page:

  • Additional views
  • Lifestyle
  • Size ratio
  • Details
  • Props
  • Packaging

Additional specifications:

A white background is recommended, but not required

No website URLs, pricing, shipping, promotions, or expiration dates Text and graphics may be included

listing optimization

All images requirements

All images, whether a main or additional image, must adhere to these rules:

  • No logos that are placed on the photo using a retouch process
  • No watermarks
  • No placeholder images

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Improving titles and descriptions


Product titles are created automatically based on the attributes provided when the product was added, but they can be changed if needed. 


  • Include only the information required for each attribute field.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word.
  • Don’t include trademarks, registered marks, or company type (e.g. Ltd., Srl., Inc., etc.).
  • Avoid duplicate words.

Bullet points

Your product detail page should include 5 bullets points with the top features of the product. Don’t use full sentences, punctuation such as exclamation points, adjectives such as “best”, or hyperlinks.


  • Use semi-colons to separate phrases within a single bullet point.
  • Use numerals, never spell out numbers.
  • Length must be more than 10 characters and less than 255 characters.



  • Describe the major product features, such as size, style, and what the product can be used for.
  • Include accurate dimensions, care instructions, and warranty information.
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and complete sentences.
  • Make your description easy to read by using paragraphs:
  • When using a spreadsheet, you can create multiple paragraphs in the product description by enclosing your paragraphs in <p>></p> tags.

How important do you think ratings and reviews are to the shopping experience?

Know the facts

According to Amazon internal data (2018), 91% of shoppers read product reviews, and those reviews influence their buying decision.

Additionally, positive reviews may boost search engine optimization (SEO) and improve product conversion. They provide shoppers with feedback on the product’s positive and negative points, so it’s important that brands use that feedback for new product development or improvements.

Understand your product rating

You cannot impact the star rating, but reading reviews can provide insight into a low rating. This information can be used by the brand to make needed adjustments to the product.

The rating will update in real time as customers leave feedback, so it’s important to review regularly during advertising campaigns.

Increase the number of reviews

Use the Amazon Vine program to help increase the number of reviews.

Vine Voices is a select group of Amazon shoppers helping shoppers make educated purchases.


  • Enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry
  • Use the Early Reviewer Program to help increase the number of reviews.
  • The Program encourages previous purchasers to post authentic feedback.

Inventory and Featured Offers

How can you compete for the Featured Offer? We explained earlier that eligibility, product pricing, and shipping methods may impact whether your product is chosen for the Featured Offer.

Having sufficient inventory is also an important factor.

amazon featured offer

Seller Central users can monitor stock status on Seller Central if shipping from an Amazon warehouse

For sellers that ship from their own warehouse, the brand will manage stock using their own shipping tools

Check with whomever manages the product’s inventory for additional inventory to ship

Enhanced Content

You may recall that enhanced content is a customizable section that can provide shoppers with additional information in order to make an informed buying decision. It provides an opportunity for vendors and sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry to make their product detail pages look more like the brand’s website, contributing to a positive customer experience. Vendors and sellers have different options for enhanced content.

A+ enhanced marketing content

plushland toys

A+ enhanced marketing content (EMC) allows vendors to customize detail pages on Amazon that include extra features like images, video, charts, tables, and narrative comments in a contextual presentation to improve the shopping experience.

Vendors can upgrade to Premium A+, which provides more visual and interactive options.

Enhance brand content                 (available to sellers enrolled in the brand registry)

enhance brand content

Enhanced brand content (EBC) includes five unique templates that enable sellers to add images, video, and rich text to the product description on their product detail pages.

Optimizing the enhanced content section

Use it with purpose

Why add enhanced content to product detail pages?

Amazon listing optimization is back bone of the Amazon selling process, if you do it right

Haroon Usman

Consider these best practices for proper listing optimization

Follow content guidelines: substantiate claims, avoid buzzwords, and not guarantee or warranty info. Balance images and text: Avoid white space by balancing text and images.

Use comparison tables: very popular with customers. No competitor comparisons.

Free-form text improved SEO: Content in text fields and image keywords indexed by search engines.

Update and refresh content: Regularly update content to avoid details becoming outdated.

Learn more about the best practices for listing optimization and PPC ads to get more out of the holiday season.

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