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If you are looking for a way to grow your ecommerce business on Amazon, you need a reliable partner who knows the ins and outs of the platform. A complete solution that helps you optimize your brand presence, increase your sales, and manage your operations with our amazon account manager.


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We are here to always give you satisfaction.

We set ourselves apart through a combination of expertise, dedication, and proven results. Our team of experienced professionals brings a deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace, utilizing data-driven strategies to enhance your brand’s visibility, optimize product listings, and drive sales growth. We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach, tailoring our solutions to meet your unique business goals and challenges. With a track record of successfully managing diverse Amazon accounts,

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that encompass product research, product sourcing, creative designing,  inventory management, advertising campaigns, review and feedback management, and competitor analysis.

By choosing us as your Amazon Account Manager, you’re not just gaining a service provider – you’re gaining a strategic partner committed to maximizing your Amazon success.

Certified Professional & Expert

Our certified professionals and experts in navigating the Amazon marketplace with precision and success.

We're fast, Accurate & Reliable

Your trusted source for swift, precise, and dependable Amazon management services.

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We offering round-the-clock premium support for all your e-commerce business needs.

Comprehensive Approach

to Amazon Account Managment

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, with millions of sellers offering a vast array of products to customers worldwide. However, managing an Amazon seller account can be a daunting task, particularly for new or inexperienced sellers. That’s where AMZ DOC Amazon account management services come in.

We offer professional assistance to help sellers navigate the complex processes of Amazon selling, including account setup, product research, product sourcing, product listings, product launching, inventory management, pricing optimization, PPC advertising, and customer service.

With expert guidance and support, sellers can optimize their Amazon presence, increase sales and revenue, and ensure compliance with Amazon’s policies and regulations. AMZ DOC Amazon account management services are an essential resource for any seller looking to succeed in the highly competitive Amazon marketplace.

How It works

Schedule a Meeting

We will answer any questions you will ask related to you business needs. We will provide you with the consultation that helps that helps increase your business. 

Research, Analysis & Plan of Action

When you ready to proceed our team will conduct an in-depth audit of your store and products market and provide you with the plan of action for moving forward

Onboarding & Implementations

Amazon account manager will select the best matched talent for your business and onboard to start implementation of the plan of action

Business Growth

You will see ongoing results and business growth within first 3 months of the work process

Streamline your operations with AMZ DOC's dedicated services

Brand Management

Elevate your brand on Amazon with strategic prowess and impeccable management through our expert brand management services.

PPC Management

Unlock peak visibility and sales potential on Amazon through our precision-driven PPC management services.

Listings Optimization

Maximize your products' impact and conversions on Amazon with our meticulous listing optimization service.

Inventory Managment

Seamlessly streamline your inventory on Amazon with our strategic inventory management solutions, ensuring optimal stock levels and uninterrupted sales.

Product Launch

Launch your Amazon journey with confidence, guided by our expert product launch service, designed to propel your products into the spotlight and drive rapid success.

Product Sourcing

Discover a world of sourcing possibilities with our Amazon product sourcing service, where innovation meets quality to deliver a diverse range of winning products for your business.

What Sets Our Services Apart

In the realm of Amazon account management services, our distinction shines brightly. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your success. We don’t just offer solutions; we offer tailored strategies crafted to amplify your brand’s presence in the ever-evolving Amazon landscape.

With a team of seasoned experts, data-driven insights, and a passion for innovation, we transcend the ordinary. Our dedication to going beyond expectations, coupled with our deep understanding of Amazon’s intricacies, ensures that your journey with us is a transformative one. Experience the difference – where your aspirations meet our expertise.

Reclaim Your Balance

Let Amazon Account Manager Be Your Work-Life Solution

Each day as you work and try to achieve your set goal, you put in longer and longer hours. Hours are extended and before you know it, you’re overwhelmed with backlog work. Very soon you are the last one leaving the workplace on Fridays. You find yourself working on Saturdays and Sundays trying to complete work that should have completed long ago. Before you know it the only thing you are consumed with is your work. There is no family life anymore. Maintaining work-life balance is the key to staying on top of the game and one of the easiest and surest ways of achieving this is to have a second pair of helping hand.

We, as Amazon account manager provide that and much more for you!

Client Experience with us

Excellent Team, great service, great communication skills. Amz Doc kept in constant contact with me throughout the whole entire process. Listened to what I wanted and implemented the steps. I would highly recommend this seller and will be ordering again


This is such an awesome and efficient team! After just a week or so, my brand new ebay store is already making money. They are super thorough and always provide reports and answer any questions I have. They even handle customer support issues and returns. Amazon service, great communication, and definitely expert knowledge.


Amz Doc is very knowledgeable and an expert in this field. I would highly recommend and in fact, I will let this team manage my amazon shop to a success.


This team delivered more than I expected! They provided great communication and listened to my requests. Best amazon account management services provider. I will definitely work with them again and recommend them to anyone who wants to set up a Walmart seller account and more! Thank you


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