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Enhanced Brand Content A+

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Amazon EBC Content A+ Pages

Use the A+ Content to add rich content to the detail page that showcases your brand and educates customers about product features. Sharing your brand’s story and educating customers about your product helps build brand awareness with customers. The A+ content tool allows you to do this by adding rich images, text, and comparison modules to engage customers and provide more information as they consider purchasing one of your products.

EBC A+ content

AMZ-DOC’s Experts will create the content consisting of enticing graphics which will capture customer’s attention and engaging content which will compel the visitor to make a purchase.    Our team of Amazon EBC consultants, graphic designers and content writers will engage in   deep understanding of your product and its exquisite features to build EBC seasoned just for your product.

"Create visual concepts, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers."

Great EBC design comes with understanding customer needs

Tip #1

Tell your brand story Connect customers with your brand’s history, values, and what makes your brand unique. Use banner images to show your products in use. Feature your brand logo and add content to all of your ASINs in order to create a consistent brand experience.

Tip #2

Educate on product value Help customers feel like experts on your product features and construction. Detailed explanations,with specific words and numbers, are associated with higher sales lift.Be helpful, friendly, and don’t use a lot of general, “salesy” text.

Tip #3

Know your customers and their purchase barriers To help reduce returns and bad reviews, be sure to address your customers’ most common concerns.Pull insights from customer reviews, returns, and customer communication to identify what topics you should cover.

Tip #4

Use professional quality images High resolution images that highlight product features or show your product in use are associated with higher sales lift. Customers use this content to learn more about the product so avoid generic or lifestyle images that don’t showcase the product. If you add brand text to your image, make sure it is large enough to be readable on mobiledevices.

Tip #5

Use your space effectively A+ content modules offer over 100 combinations of image and text fields, including fields with special shading and formatting, that you can use to convey information while maximizing your use of space. Research available modules and create story-boards prior to adding content. Also, using available text fields, rather than embedding text in images, can help with SEO.

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