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Amazon Product Launch

Why launch your brand on Amazon?

Amazon customers purchase roughly 7400 items per minute from U.S. Sellers. Brand owners can build, grow, and scale their brands on the Amazon platform with Amazon’s innovative resources for sellers. High-class logistics,  proven customer experience, and cutting-edge marketing solutions. 

How do AMZ DOC help brands sell on Amazon?

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AMZ DOC’s team trained to create a cutting-edge strategy for brands to launch products on Amazon. We assess the market for a specific brand, provide a plan of action, and execute the plan.

Ely Liberov
Ely Liberov Founder Hudson Hi-Fi
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It’s difficult to express my gratitude in words. I shouldn’t have waited for things to become difficult before reaching out to AMZ-DOC first addressed my mindset and mentality. Also: Because of our efforts we have started rapidly expanding internationally. We currently sell in; EU, UAE Japan, Australia, and North America. I could never have managed this by myself. Audit my operations: pointing out inefficiencies. AMZ-DOC didn’t just help my business, also helped me as a person (undoubtedly this helped my business), but that means the world to me. Thanks, AMZ-DOC!

The team was extremely thorough in an initial audit of my business. They defined a SWOT analysis and set goals for the upcoming year. We far exceeded those goals within six months.
Brian Yount
Brian YountPresident, Mobile Pro Shop LLC
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The team at AMZ DOC is the best! Our company has been using them for about 18 months and has been very pleased with their professionalism and work ethic. Their knowledge and attention to detail is top-notch. I truly feel like they want our business to grow as much as we do. Highly recommend this group for all aspects of online selling.

There are several attributes with this company that are impressive and made an easy choice for us to continue our relationship. On everything they worked on, I felt confident they had the best interest of our company in mind. Despite our offices being in different parts of the world, AMZ-DOC's ability to clearly communicate with us has been outstanding.
Russell Algor Jr.
Russell Algor Jr.Owner, Pathways Marketplace LLC
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I have had this professional virtual service provider represent me for the last 3 years. They have provided my company with assistance in keyword research, listing optimization, PPC campaign management, and graphic design services, and helped me launch new products. I have seen amazing results with my product rankings and watched my sales grow at an amazing rate. I am impressed with their PPC ad strategies. The proof of competence is in the results achieved. I’m impressed with what I see. I made the right decision when I hired this company to manage my store. It has freed me from the day-to-day management of customer support, negative feedback removal, and the inevitable conflicts of running a digital sales and marketing business.

I’m someone that simply goes by results and I use a program called Helium 10 to keep track of the progress, and whether or not I’m getting the right results — but so far, the results have just been phenomenal, and that’s their strongest point.

First 90 days steps for the perfect Amazon product launch!

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Brand registry

We will help enroll in the Amazon brand registry to help open new features for brands for marketing, protection against counterfeits, and more. The brand registry needs to be processed as we have one saleable item listed.

Enhancing product detail pages

AMZ DOC's creative team will help you to create stunning detail pages for brand items by utilizing rich content, images, infographics, and telling the brand story. Each brand registered seller has this feature. It helps gain conversions and traffic quickly.

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Send stocks to FBA & competitive Pricing

Sending stocks to FBA helps gain a prime badge to attract Amazon prime members. AMZ DOC's team will help create shipments to send stocks to FBA. Featured offers on Amazon get more traffic & conversions. We will set up competitive pricing using pricing automation to win the buy box.

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Setup sponsored ad campaigns, Coupons, & or Deals

We will set up product-sponsored ad campaigns and brand ads to show items in the related search results and product pages. Coupons & deals that will help gain conversions.

Sales comparison of a brand started selling on Amazon in 2019 VS 2022

AMZ DOC brands experience an average of 45% revenue growth in their first year even beyond!

Sales of Jan 2019 ($1.3k)

amazon brand growth

Sales in May 2022 ($156.3k)

Here is how we help existing brands, and new ones to Amazon!

AMZ DOC team helps brands by tracking the niches they are in and validating products by going deep into the competitor data and keywords. Push keywords ranking using PPC keywords by roots. AMZ DOC’s expert Amazon VAs will help to optimize existing listings & Sponsored ads. We also help with the day-to-day administrative tasks for Amazon seller central. Maintaining good account health, on-time, replenishment orders, tracking shipments, as well as stock production orders by tracking sales and inventory. 

We help new sellers by analyzing the niche they are considering entering. Writing the product copy with help of available data to maximize the ranking potential. We use PPC for Amazon product launch to maximize the internal ranking process for specific most related keywords. Amazon product detail page design EBC/ A+.    

Advantages of working with AMZ DOC.

AMZ DOC is running an eCommerce training institute (VAC Virtual Assistant Camp) where we approach graduates and train them for Amazon and other eCommerce platforms and we choose ones that show results during the exam. We onboard VA to any brand after screening legwork and onboard the best match available in-house. Which is a huge time saver. 

Next, if and when your VA leaves, gets sick, or gets promoted, you’re not scrambling to replace them. AMZ DOC always trains one extra VA for specific brand tasks working with us.

If you have a dedicated assistant for most of your tasks but have access to the company’s broader talent pool for more specialized requests.

Build, Grow, and Scale your eCommerce business under one roof.

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