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Going out of stock in FBA is critical

fba inventory management

eCommerce supply chain management

AMZ DOC’s team helps sellers to stay up to date for stock moves from warehouse, and supplier to FBA for sales orders. FBA business depends upon how long you keep your FBA inventory in stock. Timely purchase orders help keep listings active. It also helps keep product ranking maintained. The upper hand then your competitors to stay in stock.

AMZ DOC's team predictions help sellers to place timely purchase orders with accurate quantities.

Frictionless FBA inventory management

A product purchase order is predisposing and if got an error it could lead to the stock out on one hand, and overstocks with high holding costs on the other hand. AMZ DOC team has the tech to make sure you’re in stock on the marketplaces you are selling. We analyze data to predict and create a draft and ensure is error-free and eliminates guessing work. 

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