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What Do AMZ DOC's Product Researchers Do to find a profitable product for selling on Amazon?​ ​

Our Product research team conducts research and data analysis to ensure a new product will be well-received by the public, generating revenue for a business. Our product analysts start by identifying and researching target markets based on demographic considerations such as age, gender, or location. We dig deep into the data available for the specific niches. To ensure we get accurate data for the products and product niche, we compare data from different tools available in the market. But we don’t rely on one. AMZ DOC’s tea has access to Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer! with very accurate search results data for a keyword. Even our team helps you develop new and better products by identifying opportunities to address unmet customer demand.

The Steps to Cover a Successful Launch

Finding the absolute product

Evaluate approx.Net profit

Market Competitor analysis

Strategy: sourcing to selling

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We help Increase Your Brand Affinity with Amazon Packaging Designs

The customer purchase journey does not end with the purchase. It starts when the customer receives the product. We create a stunning package design for products that enhance customer experience. Great package design helps get a positive vibe from the customer.

AMZ DOC is a one-stop-shop for your eCommerce business.

We will help you throughout the process from product research to product design, and shipping, as well as with the launch process to kick start your business. AMZ DOC’s core focus is to provide the most cost-effective and time-efficient methods for optimizing and scaling organizations to their maximum operating capabilities. It streamlines complex processes, allowing business owners and executives to focus on their specialized tasks. Since its founding, AMZ-DOC has helped businesses achieve their goals with a 99% success rate.  AMZ DOC assisted over 500 SMBS in capitalizing on growth opportunities, so they improve visibility and scale.

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How do we help?

Product Search

Our Team Will help you to find products in high demand with data driven strategy. Save time with your product research.

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Product Sourcing

AMZ-DOC's experts will help you find qualified suppliers based on search criteria. We ensure you will get the high-quality item at a lower cost.

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Launch Strategy

Our marketing experts will help you with the proper launching process of the product with a high-end Strategy that finally gets indexing, ranking, and sales for your product. We will ensure by targeting potential audiences right to your products.

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Sales Analytic

Our virtual assistant will track conversions and expenses to view overall profitability and provide the appropriate plan of action to reduce costs and gain realistic profits.

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Ongoing Results

Amazon Account manager will provide timely delivery of tasks and professional operational support within a specified SLA. VA will help you drive results in a cross-functional environment.

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