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An Expert Amazon Virtual Assistant

Difference between Expert Amazon Virtual Assistant and Average Amazon Virtual Assistant

As the Amazon market is growing as 1 million new sellers entered Amazon selling. So now 1,761,784 people listed items on Amazon to sell.

The growth of this market also increases the potential of freelancers companies, like Fiverr,, Upwork. Seller, Jungle market, and many other VA provider companies.

Understanding of Amazon Algorithm:-

Amazon has its own internal SEO system called A9, which took years to build this typical system from 1996 to 1999 basic system then Amazon owner start making it enhanced with help of a huge number of master developers. Till now every month there is a new update in the Amazon A9 system, you can say SEO system (Amazon internal search engine).

This Amazon search engine has a process to follow:-

  1. Indexing process to let algorithm know what we are selling.
  2. Ranking Process to have item visibility on the top pages.
  3. Giveaways Creating Buzz and awareness in the Market.

These are Amazon’s internal main sections to start with to compete with other sellers in this market. The seller follows these properly have positive selling results.

If we go through with the seller central interface we have a combination of graphical and text editing sections where we need to upload the listings data of items we want to sell.

So if you do not know the proper system how it works you cannot generate revenue on Amazon. So every new investor who wants to start selling on Amazon required assistance from a person who knows how to sell items on Amazon.

Un Ethical Ranking Processes provide our of Amazon system

A lot of third-party companies provide the ranking services by doing unethical processes like using canonical URL and super URL clicks from different IP addresses that cost the sellers Ton of $ in shape 99% off plus services fee and amazon also going to charge you an FBA fee. So if you invest $10,000 they are going to spend more than this item purchase amount in a few days and their terms are stated as no refund if results do not match.

So only big companies can bear these charges and each month they have to do the same process to stay on top. Some companies are providing these kinds of services. Viral Launch, Jump send, zone launch.

If you are using these services please do not blame your VA or Virtual Assistant on this in the coming months because your items got addicted to this super URL system and each month you will have to do these giveaways to keep your item ranking stable. (Then consider profit and loss. Only big companies can do this kind of work process.

Expert level Amazon virtual Assistant won’t ask for these kinds of services but the Average VA will ask you to do this.


Amazon has also its paid ranking system called PPC (Amazon sponsor ads) or Pay per Click. As per the Amazon algorithm case study by implementing different strategies, AMZ-DOC discovered that amazon ad actually work to get item ranking and this is an ethical way to promote items in the market and get ranking. Learn more about PPC optimization.

An Expert Amazon Virtual assistant should know these tasks and need to remain on top of these tasks.

Amazon seller account set up, Keywords Research, Competitor Research Analysis, Listing creation/Product Listing, Content Writing, Content Optimization, Bulk Listing, Product linking, FBA/FBM listings, Converting FBM to FBA,
FBA Shipment Creation, BOL submission (Reconciliation), PPC Campaign Creation, (Auto, Manual), PPC Campaign Management (tune-up biddings), Headline Search Ads, Promotion Creations, (Percentage, buy  get one, giveaways), Coupon Creation (Single-use, group) Suppressed Inventory, Listing Enhancements, Stranded Inventory Fixing, Inventory Planning (Replenishment), Fixing Price Alerts, Automate Pricing, Refund Management (Customer Services), Returns Management,  Order Management (buy shipping, printing labels), Removal Order, Brand Registry, Amazon Store Front Creation, EBC creation (Enhance brand content), Lightning Deals, Early Reviewer Program, Inventory Reports, Daily Sales Sheet, Business Reports, Payment monthly statement, Monthly order detail statement, Fulfillment Reports, Negative Feedback removal, Negative reviews follow up, Advertising Report, Amazon Cases (seller support), A-Z Guarantee Claims appeal, Chargeback Claims, Amazon Appeal (for suspended accounts)

Every individual Amazon VA capable of performing these tasks than he/she could be able to make progress and account will remain up to date.

Also doing these tasks the virtual assistant should also provide consultancy on how to grow business, as per market knowledge he should give suggestions on what items or what implementations can take the client’s business to the next level. Services

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