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How to set up your Amazon Product Listing

Now that you have everything you need, let's look at how to establish an Amazon product listing

⦿ Go to Amazon Seller Central and log in

⦿ Select an existing product or create a new one.

⦿ Choose a category and sub-categories for your product listing

⦿ Adding Information to a Product Listing (Vital-Info)

⦿ Information on the Product Listing (Variations)

⦿ Choose a Fulfillment Channel

⦿ Images of Products to Upload

⦿ Add a description to the product

⦿ Keywords should be added

Table of Contents
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    Product Categories on Amazon

    The Amazon product catalog is divided into key categories and subcategories. This aids in customer product searching, Amazon product and category rules, and successful sales ranking, among other things.

    ‘Browse nodes’ are the sub-categories you see on occasion. After a specific number of visitors and activity, Amazon adds these to listings. These browsing nodes aren’t always shown under ‘add a product.’ Simply place your goods where it is most appropriate.

    Add another Person's Descriptive Details to Your Products:

    Without a doubt, no. As soon as the other seller detects and reports it to Amazon, your listing will be removed. It’s possible that your account will be suspended. You can acquire ideas and inspiration from other listings, but you should never replicate anything

    Use of the images provided by the supplier:

    You can’t just copy and paste the images onto your website. You must be an Amazon Associate and use Amazon’s API or Site Stripe to use Amazon’s pictures. However, you should change them as quickly as possible with your own because the supplier’s photographs are not original and of poor quality.

    Photo Retouching and Editing Services for Amazon Products

    On Fiverr.com, you can get professional photo editing for your Amazon goods.

    Amazon Product Photography Service

    Many sellers use the created camera on their phone to photograph their products on Fiverr, but many do it themselves. OR, for some marketplaces, Amazon now has its own photography service. To learn more, Google ‘Amazon imaging service’ and go for the website for your preferred marketplace.

    Amazon HTML Description

    The p> tag can be used to generate gaps between paragraphs on Amazon. Nothing else is acceptable. They do not appear to enforce this regulation, though. If you don’t utilize the p> element, your description will look like one giant block of text. Use bolding, underlining, or lists at your discretion, but do so sparingly.

    Add Pictures To The Product Description

    You can’t do it. Brands can register for Amazon’s ‘Brand Registry,’ which gives them access to things like better listings. Before a brand may be registered with the program, it must first be trademarked.

    Include A Video In Your Listing

    That’s impossible. Brands can register for Amazon’s “Brand Registry” programme and have access to benefits such as better listings. Before registering a brand with the programme, it must first be trademarked.

    Variations Can Be Added To Amazon Listings

    Under the standard ‘create a product’ function, you can add a variation listing. The ‘inventory file upload’ method, on the other hand, is far superior. Only the Professional seller account has access to inventory files.

    UPCS are required for all products

    You certainly do. Because versions of the same product are intrinsically different in size, color, design, or whatever criterion you choose, they are distinct items that require a distinct identity.

    Price a Product - Amazon Seller Pricing Strategy

    When you first decided to sell the product, one of the things that influenced your decision would have been the selling price. Price your product in line with the majority of other listings for the same sort of item. Later on, you can experiment with other pricing options. Because clients sense a higher perceived value, raising the price might sometimes result in additional sales. That isn’t always the case, but you won’t know unless you give it a shot.

    Putting Brand Names in the Title or Elsewhere on The Page

    It is dependent on the particular brand name. For example, including the word “iPhone” will result in your listing being removed. To be safe, avoid mentioning other companies anywhere on your listing, including in the backend search terms.

    Amazon Search Terms

    In case you run out of room, you should start with the most important ones!


    Add One Product at a Time

    You’d type in ‘1’. If your product is a multi-pack with multiples of the same item, however, you must indicate the number of products. If you were offering a multi-pack of five identical micro-fiber cloths, for example, you would put ‘5’.

    After The Listing Has Gone Live, You Can Make Changes To It

    After your listing has gone live, you will not be able to make any changes to the content. If you decide to repost another week, you can remove it or make changes. You have complete control over your listing and can make changes whenever you want.

    Which Is Better, FNSKU or UPC

    Both are required. You’ll need the UPC or other GTIN to establish a product listing page on Amazon when you upload your product. If you don’t need a FNSKU, which we’ll cover later, the UPC can be used to track and identify your products in Amazon fulfillment facilities. A product just requires one barcode.

    UPC Codes on Amazon

    The UPCs from the reseller indicated on the handout related with the course ‘UPC Codes and More’ are being used by thousands of students. These UPCs have never caused any problems for anyone. Theo makes use of the same UPCs.

    Incorrect FBA Fees

    Check the product’s dimensions and weight that you supplied during the listing creation process. If your FBA fees appear to be excessively expensive, you most likely entered the measurements or weight incorrectly. Choosing the incorrect unit of measurement is a typical blunder. For instance, instead of ounces, choose pounds.

    Even If You Don't Have Any Stock At FBA Yet, Items Are Listed As Active

    It’s not a big deal. Until you have inventory in stock, your listing won’t appear in the search results. Except for you, nobody will see it!


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