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Getting Started to Selling on Amazon: The Ultimate FAQs Guide to Registering as an Amazon Seller and Setting Up Your Seller Account


Q. What are the registration options available to register as an Amazon seller?

A. The Amazon seller registration process is quite simple there are two options for selling. The ‘Individual’ option does not require a monthly subscription, but it does charge $0.99 per item sold, which is deducted from your profits. The monthly subscription charge for the ‘Professional’ plan is $39.99; however there is no ‘per item’ fee. As a result, if you start with the ‘Individual’ plan, upgrading to the ‘Professional’ plan when you sell 40 or more goods each month makes sense. ® More information is available at Link 

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    Q. To sell on amazon, do i need to register as a business?

    A. No, it is not a general necessity. Some marketplaces now require you to be registered to do business if you wish to register for the Professional seller plan rather than the Individual plan. This might just be as a ‘Sole Trader/Proprietor,’ which is a simple and usually free process.

    Q. Is it better to start a business right away?

    A. That is something you will have to decide for yourself. There are definite benefits, and you can always register as a lone trader/sole proprietor, which is still a business but far easier to register than a corporation.

    Q. What form of business should i start if i decide to do so, and how should i go about doing so?

    A. We are unable to respond to your query. It will depend on your circumstances and the selling strategy you choose to implement first. You should conduct some study to see what applicable to you and your situation. If in doubt, seek advice from a local expert.

    Q. I have an account with amazon. Can i register for my seller account with the same email address?

    A. You can, but it isn’t advised. Sellers receive vital notifications from Amazon through email. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep your seller emails distinct.

    Q. Can i upgrade to a professional seller account after registering as an individual seller?

    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.

    Q. Can i change my seller account from person to company if i start out selling as an individual and then decide to trade as a business?

    A. Yes, but if you have an Individual Seller account, you must upgrade to a Professional Seller account in order to switch from selling as an individual to selling as a business.

    Q. What should be my seller display name, and can i modify it later?

    A. Yes, you can change your seller name at any moment. Use your company name if you have one. Otherwise, a generic vendor name is preferable. Why? Because you may desire to sell in a variety of niches If your company name is ‘John’s Kitchen Kings, it will seem strange if you later decide to sell in the Baby area.

    Q. I live in the united states, yet amazon asks for my "country of birth," which isn't on the list. What options do i have?

    A. If you have an ID that shows you live in the United States, you can choose the United States as your country of birth

    Q. Why does amazon want my credit or debit card information if i am simply creating an individual account?

    A. Even if you have an Individual account, you may be charged. For a cost of 30 cents per unit, Amazon, for example, offers an optional service of adding barcode labels to your purchases.

    You can also use Amazon’s related carrier service to send items to Amazon from a domestic address. You should provide this information to Amazon for a variety of reasons.

    • Amazon merchants require your credit card in order to bill you for the things you sold
    • Your credit card will be charged if you sell anything on Amazon


    Q. I'm trying to link my bank account so amazon will pay me, but my country isn't listed. I'm not sure what i can do?

    A. Amazon only pays direct to bank accounts in a few countries. Hyper wallet is a choice in certain other countries, and if you have it, it will be displayed there as an option. There is a solution for countries that do not have bank accounts or hyper wallets. You’ll have to utilize given value if your nation isn’t shown in the drop-down list for adding a bank account and hyper wallet isn’t available. To utilize Payoneer, you must first create an account on their website. You’ll be provided a Payoneer US bank account, complete with full account information. You can then fill in your bank account information during seller registration using those account details. You will get payment from Amazon into your Payoneer account, which you can then transfer to your own bank account in your own currency.

    Q. I’m being requested to fill out a tax id form. Is this typical?

    Yes, it is required by law. If a corporation sends you wages, it is obligated by law to keep your tax information on file.

    Q. I recently created an amazon account, and amazon has requested that i authenticate my identity by supplying id proof. Why do they require it?

    A. Amazon is dedicated to maintaining the marketplace’s reputation as a safe haven for buyers. They want to verify your identification and address, which is standard procedure. At some point, every seller will be requested for documentation. This frequently occurs shortly after creating an account. You will have 30 days to send the needed paperwork to Amazon. They will need a copy of a utility/Internet bill or a bank statement to verify your address. A copy of your passport, drivers’ license, or national ID will be required for ID verification

    IMPORTANT: Check that any scanned documents are in high resolution and that the address on the paperwork matches the address on your seller account. They will fail the verification if they do not do so Please note that your account will be in ‘suspended’ state until it is verified, and you will not be able to sell until then. As a result, it makes sense to react to Amazon’s request as quickly as possible and provide your documents.

    So, what should you do if your documents fail the verification?

    1. Make sure they were of great quality. If not, re-upload them at a higher resolution and resubmit.
    2. Make sure the address on your seller account and your documents are identical. If it doesn’t, go into your seller account and change the address to match the address on your documents, then re-upload them.
    3. Upload only what Amazon has requested. Students may contribute additional documentation if they believe it will be helpful. It isn’t true. The verification process will fail as a result. If you believe the procedure failed because of this, re-upload only the documents that were requested.

    IMPORTANT: On the course Q & A board, we get a lot of account verification questions. These inquiries frequently revolve around the lack of necessary papers. It’s critical to understand that the verification process cannot be avoided. You must fulfill Amazon’s requirements. Identification must be current and not expired. Your name and address must be displayed during address verification. They do, however, allow address verification under joint names if one of the identities is yours, and several students have had their names added on utility/Internet bills to pass through Amazon’s verification.

    Q. I attempted to create an individual account, but something went wrong, and i ended up creating a professional account instead. Is it better to erase my account and start over?

    A. No. Contact Amazon for assistance in downgrading your account and receiving a refund if you were charged for the Professional account.

    Q. Is it possible for me to have two seller accounts?

    A. According to Amazon Selling Partners with a clear business requirement can have several Selling Accounts without needing Amazon’s permission. However, Amazon advises that you register a second selling account only if you have a valid business requirement and all of your existing accounts are in good standing If you have a real business requirement, you don’t even need to ask Amazon for approval to open an extra Seller Central account under this policy.

    Q. I messed up my seller account registration. Is it possible to restart from the beginning?

    A. It depends on how far along in the registration process you are. Don’t start over if you already have access to your new account. Instead, contact seller support, who will assist you in resolving the issues. If you didn’t make it that far, start over with a different email address.

    Q. What is the phone number for seller support?

    A. Phone help is not available for all accounts. Individual accounts do not have phone help, and even new Professional accounts may not get phone support until they have sold for a while.

    Q. How do i deal with taxes and such?

    A. Please understand that we are not tax professionals. You should conduct some study to see what applicable to you and your situation. If in doubt, seek advice from a local expert.

    Q. I've heard terrible stories about vendors' accounts being closed for no apparent reason. What are your thoughts on the matter?

    A. There is always a reason for a seller’s account being suspended. Don’t take everything you read as gospel. Many merchants refuse to accept their mistakes, but Amazon does not remove sellers without cause. Amazon will always send seller warnings for less serious offenses. It pays to keep an eye out for Amazon alerts. Amazon may suspend a seller’s account without warning if they commit major offenses If you stick to this plan, you won’t have to worry about your account being suspended!

    Q. According to the vat rules, if i wish to sell in a eu country where i don't live, i must be vat registered. Is there any other option?

    A. Yes, if you do not live in the EU country which includes the UK where you want to sell, you must register for VAT in that country (the country you want to sell in. The option is to register a firm in the EU country where you want to sell which some students have done. You want to sell on Amazon.co.uk, but you don’t live in the United Kingdom. You could form a UK corporation and then utilize that corporation to register as an Amazon vendor. You would be free from VAT registration until you reached the £85,000. Annual sales threshold

    NOTE: Please note that we are unable to assist you with company or VAT registration. There are online businesses that will handle everything for you. They are subject matter experts with the necessary professional qualifications and certificates. We do not.


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