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An Ultimate Guide for Amazon Product Selection to Sell on Amazon, The Cost, and the Best Ways to find Products

Amazon-Product Selection-Tips

A product-selection strategy

Some students choose a product quite quickly. Others will take much longer. Don’t look for the “ideal product” because it doesn’t exist. One method to get over this ‘barrier’ is to take action by purchasing a modest quantity of a product that meets some of the criteria even as few as 10 units Once you’ve decided on something, put your research aside and concentrate on the next step: getting your first listing up and running you’ll learn how to accomplish this as you proceed through the course courses. You’ll get significant experience with the entire process, and odds are you’ll find it by the time you’re ready to choose another product.

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    Criteria for selling on amazon

    Before you choose things to sell on Amazon, keep the following characteristics in mind:

    1. Choose things that are in high demand any product should sell at least ten times per day.

    2. If you want to achieve long-term growth, stay away from very trendy/seasonal products.

    3. Look for products with predictable monthly sales volumes and limited competition in a niche with consistent demand.

    4. Think about things that are cheap to buy or create.

    5. Before purchasing a product, test its quality.

    6. If you want to save money on shipping, avoid things that are fragile, breakable, or easily damaged.

    7. Expensive items can be more difficult to ship and sell, but they can provide a large profit.


    Which BSR figure should be included in the product description

    The lower the BSR, the greater the product’s sales
    For example, a product ranked #1, sells a lot more than a product ranked #200,000
    The BSR, on the other hand, only applies to how a product sells in a specific category. In other words, products do not have an aggregate BSR that compares their sales to those of all other Amazon products. However, because many products sell in several categories on Amazon, an item may have multiple BSRs Especially when you consider that practically every major category and sub-category on Amazon has its own best seller rating algorithm


    If the BSR figure is missing

    The highest BSR figure does not always reflect when a listing is very new and has had no or very few sales. A missing BSR could be due to a variety of factors. Normally, this is a transient issue, and you should be able to see the BSR if you check the listing again after 7-10 days. Otherwise, click on to the next listing.

    Tool that compares BSR to sales volume

    FBA Toolkit.com is a free tool that estimates the amount of sales for any given BSR (see the course lesson on how to use it). Please keep in mind that these figures are simply estimations, and there is no technology that can provide you with precise sales figures in accordance with the BSR. Furthermore, it exclusively provides numbers for Amazon.com.

    If you wish to sell in a restricted area

    Each gated category has its own set of restrictions and approval process. Some are restricted to new sellers (e.g. Jewelry). Going to ‘Help’ is the quickest way to figure out what you need to do for a specific gated category.

    The product should be tiny and light

    The term ‘small’ refers to the product’s diminutive size. The more units that can be packed into a shipping carton, the less shipping will cost per unit when shipping from overseas. Keep in mind that the product in its retail package is what matters. the way it will be delivered to you from the source (usually).

    It’s impossible to offer you certain proportions to follow because this isn’t a simple project. Regarding it all comes down to the shape, whether the product is soft or hard, and so on When shopping on Alibaba, you can frequently find the carton weight, dimensions, and number of units in a carton on the supplier’s listing page. You can then use the online DHL rates calculator to estimate the shipping cost. Divide that by the number of units to get an idea of the shipping cost per unit (though the supplier’s quote will almost always be lower than the one on the DHL rates calculator).

    Find the exact product on Alibaba or Aliexpress

    It is not necessary to find the exact product. For example, suppose you come across a cat safety collar on Amazon that is selling well and is small and lightweight. As a result, you can see that cat safety collars have a lot of potential. They are in high demand. You will be obtaining cat safety collars, though not necessarily the exact one shown on the Amazon listing.

    Profit at a low cost

    If other sellers are successfully selling the product at $24.99 – $29.99, you can, too. Price is not the most important factor in determining the success of your listing.

    FBA fees will be charged for a product

    Amazon has a page where you can view the fee schedule based on the product’s size and weight and weight of the product.

    Amazon UK pricing detail

    Amazon USA pricing detail

    You can find the fee schedule for other marketplaces by searching Google for ‘Amazon FBA
    fees’ (country). For instance, ‘Amazon FBA fees Canada’

    If your're product requires approval

    Please keep in mind that you cannot re-brand a name brand product and must use the UPC code already on the product. This means that you will most likely be unable to create your own listing. Because the product’s UPC is almost certainly already on Amazon

    If the products are already branded

    These are generic brands and you can re-brand them without issue

    BSRS are constantly changing

    BSRs change on a daily basis, sometimes several times per day. Because BSR is based on how well an item sells in comparison to other items in the same category, it will inevitably fluctuate over time. We must take BSR into account when deciding which products to sell. When we look at it on the surface. Choosing a product is not an exact science we use the information at our disposal to make an informed decision and well-informed decision that is the best we can do.

    BSRS for similar products differ from listing to listing

    Some listings perform better than others for a variety of reasons. Some are more optimized than others, and some have more appealing titles and bullet points. Other reasons include the listing being out of stock for an extended period of time, or a new listing having a lower BSR than a more established listing.

    If The BSRS for similar products differ from listing to listing

    If some of the listings have a BSR within the desired range, you can be confident that the product will sell well.

    Amazon US should continue to seek a BSR inthe100-10000 range

    There are fewer listings on other marketplaces than on Amazon.com. Using the sales volumes, we can make an educated guess. As an example, Amazon UK accounts for roughly one-third (or slightly less) of total sales volume Amazon.com, Inc. As a result, we can divide the upper range by three. Rather than looking for a BSR, We want one between 100-3000, not 100-10000. Of course, this is not the case. It’s very
    rough, but you can use it as a guide.

    Sell children's items

    Products for children under the age of 12 must be certified. The type of certification required will be determined by the country in which you intend to sell. In the United States, for example, it’s known as the ‘Children’s Product Certificate,’ or CPC for short.

    Before buying any children’s products to resell on Amazon (or anywhere else),

    Otherwise! ), request certification from the supplier. Do this first, before anything else.

    Anything else, because many Chinese suppliers lack these certifications

    Amazon will request the certificate, but only once your goods have arrived at the FBA warehouse. If you cannot provide it, you will be unable to sell those items on Amazon and will be forced to remove them.


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