Amazon Project Sales growth over the period

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Project got $110K growth in span of 8 months.

Brands get known step by step. Businesses looking for quick results always drowned deep. Success is always steady, And brands owners know how visibility functions. We are presenting a project with its monthly growth ratio.

A brand achieved growth in 2021, almost 110%, after collaborating with AMZ DOC. From $139K to $249K in just Ten months work period. We deliver results as business needs to grow.

The work includes Amazon product sponsored ads, Brand ads, Listings optimization, Product listing image design, Infographics, EBC creation. AMZ DOC’s team has provided the pro-level work and made it work.



amazon listing optimization

Jan 18th to Feb 17th

Feb 18th to March 17th

March 18th to April 17th

April 18th to May17th

May 18th to June 17th

June 18th to July17th

July 18th to Aug 17th

Aug 18th to Sep 17th

Sep 18th to Oct 17th

Oct 18th to Nov 17th

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