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General Faq

Most frequent questions and answers.

The best menu card size is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, which follows the standard paper size. You may choose different paper sizes and layouts according to the number of dishes your restaurant offers and your branding identity. Manu dining establishments also create different menu sizes for their wine, kids, dessert, and vegan menus.

To format a menu, always follow good visual hierarchy principles. This means that your menu layout should be easy to scan and read. Place your most expensive or specialty dish on the upper-right corner of a two-page menu–this is the sweet spot for getting the attention to your best dish. For a single-page menu configuration, the area that gets the most attention is the top of the page. For a two-page/panel menu, the best area is the top of the right-side panel/page. And for a multiple-page menu, the best real estate is at the top of each page.

The best menus should include the following information: 1) A short yet well-written description of each menu item using sensory words and phrases like savory, tasty, crunchy; 2) The menu price sans the currency sign; 3) Your restaurant’s logo or wordmark; 4) Realistic food photographs; 5) A well-thought-out color scheme that matches your branding identity.

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